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Fisher-Price Corn Popper

Product Type:Toys


Product Description

The classic Fisher-Price Corn Popper push toy now sports a sleek new design. But it’s as much fun for baby as ever! The brightly colored balls excitedly pop around inside the clear dome as baby pushes the Corn Popper toy along. And the faster baby goes, the faster the poppity-pop action! Baby’s encouraged to keep moving for all the exciting ball-poppin’ sounds and action – a fun way to give baby’s gross motor skills a push in the right direction.

Product Features

  • A new look for this classic, baby-favourite push toy! 
  • Exciting ball-popping sounds & action 
  • Walking & pushing the popper along help strengthen gross motor skills 
  • Baby’s actions make things happen – a great introduction to cause & effect! 
  • Bright colors & popping sounds help stimulate baby’s senses 

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