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* Toddler and Adult Conversion Rails Sold Separately.

Milk Street Baby True Convertible Crib - Mud and Snow

Product Type:Furniture

Manufacturer:Milk Street Baby

Collection Name:TRUE

Product Description

Inspired by natural forms and classic simple lines. Earth, stone, wood. A medieval modern designed to work in the most traditional of places.

Textured wood provides a tactile contrast against a clean, white canvas. This Milk Street crib is as modern as it gets, mixing the simple with the complex to offer a feeling of the outdoors inside your nursery. The unique size and scale of this crib provides clarity for your baby and the serenity of an uncluttered place to begin thinking about their world.

Product Features

  • Coverts from crib to toddler bed, day bed, and adult full-size bed (Conversion kits sold separately)
  • Allows for your crib to grow alongside your child
  • Height support system
  • Do not use bumpers in your Milk Street Crib

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